At Black Dog Gallery we create traditional and contemporary patterned floor cloths that will stand the test of time. Our process is based on the process developed in the 18th century where craftsmen painted both sides of heavy canvas multiple times before starting the design. The designs were often geometric shapes that varied in complexity. The end result was a heavy canvas “rug” that could be placed over wooden floors that served as both decoration and as a functional floor covering.

Our modern-day floor cloth creations are built to exacting standards. We start with the heaviest grade of pure cotton duck canvas available. We then stretch the canvas on a wooden frame and prime both sides of the canvas with multiple coats of paint to ensure the edges will not roll up, and the cloth will retain its shape and design.

Once all of the design colors are painted, we apply three coats of a high quality, non-yellowing acrylic polyurethane. The final step is application of “bowling alley” wax and cloth buffing to a satin luster. This results in a functional floor cloth that provides a unique and beautiful custom look for years to come. We have created hundreds of cloths over the years for both private households and historic landmarks. Venues such as Colonial Williamsburg and Historic Charleston have thousands of guests walk across our floor cloths each year.

Below is a sampling of locations where you’ll find our work.

  • Nathaniel Russell House at Historic Charleston Foundation, Charleston, SC
  • Mount Vernon, Alexandria, VA
  • Kenmore, George Washington Foundation, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Francis Land House, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Foscue Plantation, Pollocksville, NC
  • Owens Thomas House, Savannah, GA
  • Magnolia Mound, Baton Rouge, LA

Traditional Floorcloths

Traditional Floorcloth

Original Floorcloths

Original Floorcloth

Period Floorcloths

period floorcloth

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